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Resolution Washington is the member association for Dispute Resolution Centers (DRCs) in Washington State. We provide conflict resolution services for communities throughout Washington.

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DRCs help individuals and organizations

Our clients value the services we provide. Ninety-four percent agreed that their mediators were fair and impartial. Eighty-nine percent said they’d recommend mediation to others.

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Our mediators are superstars!

Our volunteer mediators come from diverse backgrounds—but they share a common passion for promoting positive communication.

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Access to Justice Award

2019 Access to Justice
Community Leadership Award

The Access to Justice Board honors colleagues and partners who promote access to justice through their leadership, courage, and innovation. Resolution Washington is honored to be presented with a 2019 Access to Justice Award.


2020 Legislative Agenda

In 2020, Resolution Washington supports our strategic partners’ initiatives.

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Rave reviews from our clients

Being able to talk openly to trustworthy advisors was an eye-opening experience.

Mediation Client

Rave reviews from our clients

“I never really felt like my mom listened to me. Mediation changed that completely.”

Parent/Teen feedback

Rave reviews from our clients

“I still use the skills I gained in basic mediation training over 10 years ago. Mediation training taught me how to be present in a conversation.

Director of Housing and Urban Development

Rave reviews from our clients

“Without mediation, my family, my finances and my heart would still be broken.”

Mediation Client

Rave reviews from our clients

“I was ready to turn my son in as a runaway. I was going to file charges against my own son, just to get him to talk to me. Mediation turned our relationship around.”

Mediation Client